Pooya Cash Deposit and Exchange Machine

The EM-1400TD Model

This ATM provides both services of buying and selling currencies to clients. When buying foreign currencies, the equivalent amount in the local currency (IRR) is calculated based on banking rates and a debit card is delivered to the customer in exchange for the foreign currency received. Selling currencies is also calculated based on the banking rates. The equivalent amount of the foreign currency is deducted from the customer local IRR account upon being approved by the customer. The ATM is equipped with a special scanner that can scan the customer passport or ID card information and issue the banking card with the customer specification stored on it.DSC_2839X




  • Selling the local currency in exchange for major foreign currencies (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, UTL, AED) by issuing a banking debit card
  • Buying major currencies
  • Providing the balance in foreign currencies
  • Providing PIN change
  • Providing card recharge