Join us

In Pooya we believe that our most valuable resource is our professional, responsible, hard-working, and eager employees. Therefore we seek to absorb talented employees who are a fit for the company and provide a suitable environment where they can perform their best and grow professionally.

To join Pooya, you can send your CV via email You can also find posted positions and their requirements in the job opportunity chart. If you see yourself as a fit for the job you can apply accordingly.

After receiving your job request and CV, we will review your CV based on the hiring process and inform you of its progress.

The hiring process is as follows:

  • We receive and review your CV.
  • A general and Professional interview is conducted.
  • Your application is reviewed in the hiring committee.
  • An interview with the hiring manager is conducted.
  • You sign the contract of employment.

If you do not meet the requirements of the position in any of the stages, we will inform you and your CV will be kept for future job opportunities.