Message from the Founder

More than three decades has passed since the time I and some of my college fellow friends established Pooya. The passing of these decades has not prevented me from going back once in a while and reviewing that awarding experience.

As young enthusiastic people those days, we established Pooya to create, a secure environment for our growth and also to setup a place for experiment and achievement for the next generation.

In the early years of the development of today’s computers, owning a company that could turn innovation into an efficient tool, which would meet the interests of organizations and various businesses, was an ideal goal and yet a great challenge.

Pooya was founded to be part of the developing history of computer application in different businesses as well as help improve our citizens’ welfare as a result of their increasingly daily use of computer systems. Now we are proud that, Pooya has been able to pass those hard days of its early growth, remain dynamic and step into an era, where there’s talk of companies’ professional & social responsibilities. Pooya is willing and capable of being an incentive for inspired and innovative creations.

پیام مدیرعامل

Pooya is an example of private sector companies, relying on their knowledge and experience. Taking this into account, I believe that Pooya can powerfully enter into a more shinning era of its professional life and take a higher place by relying on its intellectual and human capital resources.

Masoud Mortazavi